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Many companies and individuals use the internet extensively as a resource for information regarding products, services or business. The internet is a virtual and comprehensive "library" of information, instantly available at our fingertips. So much easier than searching or trying to remember where we've seen information "in print," or searching through other media. Use of the internet in this respect has continues to grow dramatically.

Search Engine Optimization Basic Facts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technically complex field. A search engine may use over 100 algorithms (similar to mathematical computations) to determine how to rank your site for key word phrases.

  These algorithms analyze more than just the information and coding that is on your website. Our job is to apply SEO techniques that assure you rank highly for competitive key word phrases, and receive the website visitors and traffic you need.

Search Engine Optimization is On-Going

The search engines constantly revise and refine how they select highly ranked websites (changing algorithms). Competition and other websites with SEO, are continually compete for those high key word rankings.
  Web Design St. Petersburg Website Design JCR Enterprise Search Engine Optimization Tampa   Therefore, we need to continually manage, review and apply new search engine optimization to your website. Our goal is to continue to expand your website traffic and rankings. For this reason, an on-going SEO program is a critical success factor.

Search Engine Optimization, The Engines!

So what Search Engines are used the most frequently when "internet surfers" are looking for information? Statistics have provided the following approximate popularity of search engines as the 3 most widely used:  Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The ranking methods for different search engines do vary, so a successful SEO (search engine optimization) campaign takes all of these into consideration. We optimize your website to address the different ranking techniques for the most popular engines (as well as the minor engines), as listed above.
  Joanne Roach, President of JCR Enterprise, is the sole individual who works with all clients of JCR Enterprise and develops (in their entirety) internet marketing, web design or management business consulting programs. If you hire JCR Enterprise, you receive a responsive, high quality reputable outcome.

Internet marketing, search engine optimization and web design clients of JCR Enterprise include the following business segments: Aviation, Business Finance, Commercial and Residential Contractors, Network Cabling and Telephony, Food Production, Legal and Law, Banking, Real Estate, Medical, Dental, Healthcare, Fitness and Sports, Telecommunications, Convention and Corporate Events Services, and Consumer Retail Companies.

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